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General Information

ASBU welcomes incoming students from all around the world and aims to make their stay at ASBU an eye-opening experience.


If you are a student at one of our partner universities and interested in spending your semester/year abroad at ASBU, please follow the steps below while planning your mobility:

1. Define your objectives for and expectations from participating in an exchange programme. Search about study abroad programmes. Make sure you pay attention to both academic (course contents, credits, language of instruction, admission requirements) and other aspects (accommodation, campus life, costs and the like)

2. Visit your institutions’ International Office or Study Abroad Office to learn about the study abroad programs they offer. Go through the partner list to find out the best programme that suits you.

3. If your institution has an exchange agreement with ASBU, your International Office may provide you with information about admissions. If no bilateral agreement exits,  your university may contact ASBU to initiate an agreement. Please note that a couple of months may be needed for an agreement to be made and enter into force.

4. Once you are selected, your university should send an official nomination to ASBU ( before the below-mentioned deadlines.

5. You should fill out and send the following documents via e-mail to ASBU International Office ( before the deadlines.

  1. Application form
    1. A passport sized photos;
    2. A copy of your passport (copy of national ID card is also accepted for students of Turkish nationality;
    3. Latest official transcript (English version);
    4. English certification letter by your university or your Online Language Test result;
    5. A copy of health insurance valid in Turkey (please see the Visa& Residence Permit section below for more details on the required insurance coverage);
    6. In case of any severe disability, a medical certificate stating the level of disability.

 6. The medium of instruction at ASBU is English at most of the programmes. Students are strongly recommended to have adequate level of English, meaning B1 level language competence according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ( TOEFL (ibt) score of 79 or IELTS score of 6,5

    .Application Deadlines

    Incoming Students:





    15th May

    15th November

    Application (documents)

    30th May

    30th November


      Students without a Student Visa cannot be registered as students in Turkey. Thus, in order to register and study at ASBU, all international degree- seeking and exchange students must obtain a Student Visa before entering Turkey.

       Those who have Turkish citizenship or are legal dependents of someone in Turkey on a diplomatic mission or with a valid permit are exempted from this article.  

       Student visas cannot be obtained within Turkey. Hence, please visit the nearest Turkish Consulate in your place of residence as soon as you get your acceptance letter from ASBU. You should submit a copy of your "Letter of Acceptance" and a completed visa application form, which should be obtained from the Turkish Consulate. You might be asked to pay an application fee. The process of issuing a student visa to Turkey generally varies depending on your country of residence and in some countries it may take upto 6 weeks. Please check the website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further details:

        .Residence Permit

        .The list of required documents

        (For more information, please visit:

        1. Residence Permit application form
        2. 4 photographs (They should be biometric and on a white background and have been taken in the last six months. Please write your name at the back for each)
        3. Your passport (the passport should be valid 60-days beyond the requested permit time);
        4. Copy of your passport: identity information page, Turkish visa page and all pages with stamps must be copied.
        5. Student certificate - can be obtained from the Student Affairs;
        6. Address Declaration:
        • If you are staying at a dorm: a letter from the director of your dorm;
        • Private housing: students must submit attach a notary public approved copy of rent contract. Those who share a house will follow the procedures below:
          1. The person who signs the rent contract must submit the copy of the rent contract to the police station;
          2. If a house is shared, but there is only one signatory to the contract, then the person who has signed the rent contract must write a petition addresing the police station stating that the house is shared and list the other people’s names staying in that house.
        1. Application fee: The fee will be calculated by Ankara Provencial Directorate of Migration Management. All students will pay 58.5 Turkish Liras for application and according to the country regulations, those students without a student visa will pay 372.80 Turkish Liras in addition to the application fee. The fee will be paid to Ankara Veraset Ofisi in Ulus district. (Address: Çankırı Caddesi No: 15, Ulus/ Ankara)

        *Students from the following countries do not have to pay the above mentioned 372.80 TL even if they do not have a student visa at arrival: Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Czech Rep. Bosnia, Armenia, Crotia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Northern Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, Russia

        1. Financial Declaration: Stating the financial capacity is to be provided sufficiently and regularly throughout the stay (Is declared in the Application Form. Students, who receive financial support from their own governments should inform the Directorate. Directorate may request supporting documents.)
        2. Health Insurance: You have to submit a valid health insurance for application. Insurance period must cover the intended residence permit duration. The required minimum policy content is stated below:

        Minimum Policy Content


        Contracted Institutions

        *Non- Contracted Institutions

        Annual Minimum Limit


        Annual Minimum Limit


        Outpatient Diagnosis Treatment

        2.000. -TL

        Insured: % 40


        Insured: % 40

        Company: % 60

        Company: % 60

        Inpatient Diagnosis Treatment


        Insured: % 0


        Insured: % 20

        Company: % 100

        Company: % 80


        *Non- Contracted Institutions: Institutions (hospitals, physicians’ offices, and the other health institutions.)  do not have an agreement with the insurer.


          The policy must have the expression of "This policy covers the minimum coverage stipulated in the circular no 9, dated 06/06/2014, on private health insurance required to be taken out for residence permit applications.". Please present signed and stamped/sealed original of your insurance policy during application. 

            1. Erasmus Students: You are advised to obtain a valid health insurance in Turkey according to the minimum policy content. Your ASBU buddies may help you obtain a valid insurance. In case, you prefer to get it prior to your arrival, please ensure that your insurance covers the minimum requirements given above and the coverage limits are explicitely stated on the policy document. If the coverage is not explicitely stated, you might have to make a new health insurance in Turkey.
            2. Other Exchange Students: Making an insurance in Turkey after arrival is compulsory. The insurance should cover the minimum requirements given below. Your ASBU buddies may help you obtain a valid insurance. 

           Remark: Turkish Social Security Institution has bilateral social security agreements with the following countries. In line with these Agreements, in case of an illness, the insured person and his/her family members can avail themselves of the right to healthcare benefits while staying in the territory of the other contracting party.” Hence, citizens of these countries may use Turkish health services. For their residence permit applications, they should submit “E-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document to be obtained from Provincial Social Security units which states that the foreigner is benefiting from the health services inn Turkey within the scope of bilateral social security agreements.”


















          Bosnia Herzegovina







          The Czech Republic




          Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


          For more information, please visit:


            International students, who want to extend their studies at ASBU, should apply for an extention at least one month before the residence permit ends. Students should:

             Go to  (Please select “the extension of the duration”);

            1. Fill in the form for Student Residence Permit;
            2. Make an online appointment before going to Ankara Provencial Directorate of Migration Management. ASBU buddies will accompany you; however students must pick up their own permit. 

             The list of required documents:

             For more information, please visit:

             Residence Permit application form;

            1. 4 photographs (They should be biometric and on a white background and have been taken in the last six months. Please write your name at the back for each)
            2. Notarised passport copy (the passport should be valid 60-days beyond the requested permit time. Identity information page, Turkish visa page and all pages with stamps must be copied and notarised.);
            3. Previous residence permit;
            4. Financial Declaration: (Is declared in the Application Form. Students, who receive financial support from their own governments should inform the Directorate. Directorate may request supporting documents.)
            5. Letter of Parental Consent(for those who are younger than 18);
            6. Health insurance (Please refer to the relevant information under the “First-time Applicant” section. For extension applications, attach only approved (sealed, signed) copy of your policy into your application file).
            7. Application fee
            8. Additional possible documents

              .Important Notes

              1. Students must apply for residence permit within 60 days after they arrive in Turkey. Online application date is taken into consideration.
              2. Students must provide correct and complete information.
              3. Students must follow the procedures. Failure to do so may result in legal action.
              4. In case of any change in name/surname, marital status, address, passport, etc,  the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management should be notified within 20 business days by presenting necessary documents.
              5. During your residence permit duration;
                a.  if you continue your education in a different faculty/department of same university or

              b.  if you transfer to a different university within the same city, inform provincial directorate of migration management at least within 20 business days for updating your data provided that your studentship status continues without interruption during such actions.

              c. If you transfer to a different university in another city, you must apply for residence permit within 10 days to Provincial Directorate of Migration Management in the city your new university is located.

              1. For those under 18, with a letter of parental consent, a guarantor (either a Turkish citizen or a foreigner residing in Turkey) shall be appointed.
              2. There should be no erasures or scrapes on the residence permit. In case of loss, the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management should immediately be notified.
              3. The Turkish authorities are provided with the list of students and their statues as “registered, not registered, non-registration, on leave, disciplinary punishment or Erasmus/Exchange” every semester. Any change in the registration statues (graduation, withdrawal, leave) is also reported in a week. Thus, students shall obey the relevant residence procedures and notify the Directorate of Migration Management in case of any change in their registration status.
              4. Students need to leave the country in 10 days after the termination of their stay/ graduation. Students, who are planning to stay in Turkey (for graduation ceremony, for graduate applications, etc.) while they are not registered in any programme, should apply for a for a short term residence permit before their residence expires.
              5. For students, who cannot graduate within the regular education period, a residence permit of maximum 1 year at a time can be issued for each year. Students are required to submit a student certificate showing that s/he is repeated and entitled actively to benefit from the rights of being a student.
              6. The residence permit does not make the parents and other relatives of the student eligible for a residence permit.
              7. Students who wish to work may do so by obtaining a work permit. However, for undergraduate students, the right to work commences after their first year of education and may not be more than twenty four hours a week. Those who want to get work permit needs to apply to Ministry of Labour and Social Security. 

              For further issues, please contact:

              Ankara Provincial Directorate of Migration Management

              Address: Hoşdere Cad. No:144 ÇANKAYA / ANKARA
              Tel       : 0 312 439 40 40 / 0 312 440 33 48
              Fax      : 0 312 439 40 66


              Directorate General of Migration Management

              Address: Lalegül Çamlıca Mahallesi 122. Sokak No:4 Yenimahalle/ANKARA



              Tel         : 0 312 422 05 00 / 01 / 02
              Fax        : 0 312 422 09 00 / 99


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